“Mary Zournazi and Wim Wenders speak with so much passion and they are highly convincing with their book, Inventing Peace: A Dialogue on Perception. I honestly believe that this is the kind of a book that has a potential to make a difference in our world. I have only one word - brilliant.”
“There are lots of books written on the same theme, but most of those were written in a very ‘dry’ academic style.But this book may be one of the first to become the icebreaker of a sort and draw attention of the young people to such an important thesis as the world without violence.”
“Honestly, I dislike these kind of books, cause usually they are written by teachers, scientists, etc. This is why most of those books never got to the mass-market and were very target oriented. But I want to thank Wim Wenders and Mary Zournazi for their outstanding cooperation, they really got you thinking we all should be responsible for piece to our home.”